Beautifully designed large advice cards for young women- Perfect occasional (birthday, christmas, valentines) gift for a sister or a great friend! perfect office/study display.


Dear Sis,

I created these cards for you because I wanted to share with you some advice to help you navigate the various challenges you may encounter in the next few years of your life.


The advice shared has been carefully selected based on my personal experiences and experiences of other women over a period of time. As you grow, explore the world and become independent, some experiences may bring you happiness and freedom whilst others might sadly leave you feeling lost and emotionally burdened.


The advice selected for you covers a range of life factors including relationships, healing, purpose, identity and more. Use the advice given to you as a guide as you navigate your way around life.

I hope they help you dodge some heart aches and mistakes. Always remember to “do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better”- Maya Angelou



Big Sis


Description of Product 

12 Large Print Cards (postcard size)

Carefully Selected Advice 

Stand Included (5.9inch x 3.15inch)

Manufactured in the UK

Compact in a Sturdy Box




DEAR SIS : Advice Cards for Young Women

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