Forgiveness is the key to unlock the cage you are trapped in.

Often, when hurt by the people we trust, it leaves us feeling betrayed and bitter. The feeling of resentment towards them can alter our behaviours and affect our day to day lives. Although forgiving others may seem like you are letting others get away with the sorrow, they have caused you, are you aware of how damaging it is to you? I was falsely accused of an act in my teenage years, this accusation coupled with others left me feeling broken and betrayed by the person I trusted and looked up to. I was finally set free after five years but at what cost?


This book has two sections;

The first section talks about my personal story and has reflective accounts regarding revelations (about specific topics) I got whilst writing the book. The second section of this book discusses four key lessons with the use of research, theory and practical steps that I want to raise awareness about and encourage readers to be mindful of, if like me, dealt with or are still dealing with unforgiveness .


his book talks about, the feeling of judgement and hurt, relationships, soul ties, loneliness, freedom, identity, lust, forgiveness etc.


The combination of my personal story and the four key lessons should give you a refreshing awareness about forgiveness.


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