Real Lava Bead Bracelet to help ease anxiety - 2 options to choose from (black/white) with rose gold elite rhinestone spacers.


Lava stones are the oldest stone in the world used by many cultures, they are formed when volcanoes erupt. Experts believe that due to the fiery stregth of the volcano, lava stones have many healing properties. 


By nature, lava stones are porous which makes them perfect for diffusing essentail oils. 


Essenatil oils are often used in aromatherapy for healing. They help combat stress, anxiety, depression and often used for relaxation. 


The combination of these lava beads and the pure essentail oil blend (included) is perfect for those in need of support around anxiety, stress or depression.  



White or Black Ebour Lava Bracelet

10ml Pure Relaxing Esssentail Oil Blend

Instructions Manual 

Velvet Bracelet bag 



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