The human mind is a powerful and creative tool. It is a spiritual platform that can be used to your advantage, if you seek to understand how it works. Often, we talk about the “mind” in passing but have you ever reflected on your mind? God communicates to us through our minds but so does the enemy. What can be communicated to us in our minds, thoughts and imagination may not always be our own, they may be influenced. In this book, I have separated the human mind into sections to give an informed perspective of how it works. I talk about using your mind advantageously and share steps you can take to manifest your ideas into reality, alongside self-reflection activities to help you get started. The purpose of this book is self-reflection (with the hope that you get a refreshing view about the human mind) and to empower and equip you with the tools you need to apply to life situations.

1) My mind, my thoughts, and my imagination-What is the difference?


2) What does the bible say about the mind?


3) Use the mind to your advantage


4) Faith or The Law of Attraction? This book also includes a framework (The Composition of Action Framework) to help you simplify your ideas into achievable task.


5) Getting Started